about me

Hi i'm Madi! This is my personal blog. It's more wintery and personal than my other main blogs. I <3 god and my friends and family.>>I love eating. Trying new things in my obbsession. I will try anything when it comes to food and trips. I try to experience as much about this great world that I can while i'm living on it. My future hubby; pro game hunter, tall, funny, attractive, totally rich. ain't sayin she a golddigger, but... writing and color guard are my passions.


in love with:

anaconda. jurassic park. animated movies. sports. daydreaming. writing. reading. fashion. new things. eggrolls. color guard. laughing. reality tv, tropics and snowy places. tumblr. my friends and family. god. music. dancing. weddings.


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